Covid-fatigue or no-travel blues? Boost your immunity and wellbeing, the Naad way

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There has been a renewed interest in domestic travel as post-Covid and revenge travel pick up. Also, wellness has taken priority over any other form of leisure travel. This combined with the anticipated influx of foreign travel as India opens to international travellers once again is expected to give a filip to wellness tourism.

Away from the madding crowd of city life, set in Kundli on the outskirts of the capital of New Delhi, the idyllic Naad Wellness steeped in tranquillity, is a true detox retreat. Drawing in serious wellness seekers. the 39-room wellness resort’s ethos is based on the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy.

According to Manoj Khetan, Co-Founder of Naad Wellness Centre, the property was designed to offer guests a wholesome wellness getaway closer to Delhi as flocking to the hills all the time might not be a long-term solution. “The guest experience begins with a one-on-one consultation with both Ayurveda & Naturopathy doctor. Our team of doctors then plan for a customized itinerary which is a combination of therapies, yoga, kriyas and nutrition. We heal the body, mind and spirit from within, addressing the root cause of any imbalance, rather than short-term solution,” he says. Khetan adds, “As the mental health and wellness industry picks up with renewed vigour, an ever-increasing number of travellers are choosing wellness getaways and staycations. We are following all safety protocols and our staff members are fully vaccinated.”

Detox. Destress. Repeat

Offering residential experiences that begin at three nights and go up to 28 nights, the stays here can include a combination of both experiential (Detox and Destress) and medical packages (Diabetes Management, PCOS management, Spine Care, Sports Injury Management etc).

The objective here is to heal the body, mind and spirit from within, addressing the root cause of any imbalance, rather than offering a superficial short-term solution.

Among the resort’s bountiful offerings are airy treatments rooms, swimming pool and a stunning yoga deck. The treatment menu runs the gamut from basic detoxes to emotional balancing, stress and burnout remedies, yoga and an optimal fitness programme. The latter is particularly well rounded, incorporating exercise (personal training, super-stretching, yoga) alongside the salt-cave sessions, massages and meditation and nutritional guidance.

Mind-rinsing sunshine for your wellbeing

The everyday pleasures at Naad go without saying: the warmth you wake up to each day with the hotel staff escorting you to your next destination, be it for yoga or the appointment with the doctor or therapist. It lets you know that you are not alone in your journey towards wellbeing. The hours and hours of mind-rinsing sunshine with yoga and of course, the balmy nights.

Food that heals

Not only does it help detox the body and the mind but even the food rejuvenates you. The restaurant here that focusses on ‘farm-to-table’ concept utilises fresh ingredients that are locally sourced, building the community and reducing its impact on the environment.

The Head Chef, Sekh Sahajan, is integrating the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy and modern scientific nutritional aspect of cooking method to provide Tridosha (vata, pita and kapha) balanced diet to attain wellness of the guest at all levels. Another interesting detail here is that the doctors at Naad themselves prescribe food on the basis of body constitution type and vitality of the guest, medical history and health objectives.

So, if you are craving for that perfect destination for a slow and joyful organic meal, try the perfect vegetarian platter, made with organically grown vegetables.

Salt cave therapy

From the Greek “halos” which means “salt” — uses dry aerosol micro-particles of salt or minerals inside of a large, arid space to simulate the microclimate of salt mines. Salt exposure as a therapeutic treatment developed after 1843, when Polish physician Feliks Boczowski noticed that his patients, who worked in salt mines, had no respiratory or lung problems compared to other miners. When other physicians started to notice the same, salt caves began popping up around Europe up as a therapy for lung ailments like pneumonia or bronchitis. And now, halotherapy has gained popularity all over the world.

Naad has recreated the micro-climate of salt caves and its Himalayan Salt Caves are based on the principle that when salt is heated, it becomes drier and kinetically more active. Benefits include enhancement of the mood, immunity and lowering stress. It is Ideal for those suffering from asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion and skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne

Yin-yang inspired reflexology track

The specially-designed reflexology track here uses the principles of nature for treating patients. The track forms a symbol of yin and yang with soft, smooth, pebbles of different sizes. The pebbles act as stimulants and massage the feet gently, thereby releasing stress and increasing focus. The doctors here also prescribe ‘earthing’ to patients, which means walking barefoot on a natural surface such as sand, grass or soil to reduce stress.”

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