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The Outbounder: Issue 10

Travelling in Covid Times

It is indeed very encouraging to see the numbers of domestic tourists or staycationers and I do hope this trend continues to increased tourism within India and internationally.

However what is worrying is the tourist behaviour. There is no social/physical distancing norms being followed and masks are definitely not being worn and I am seeing this all the time in the tourist areas of Kumaun. As the pandemic continues, it’s important that we all do our part to help protect one another from COVID-19 while continuing with our economic activities. After months of physical and mental lockdown, the terms ‘getaway’ and ‘escape’ are very appealing. It’s time to leave the confines and go somewhere, anywhere.  But preparing for a trip isn’t just about making bookings and packing your suitcases. Are you safe to travel? Have you got yourself tested? Are you COVID-19 negative?

So why are resorts and hotels not asking for a covid negative certificate. Is it such an impossible task? It’s a pandemic…let’s get responsible. It is quite a no brainer that once all the guests in a particular resort are certified covid free, we know for sure that we are not taking chances with spreading the vius. Redefine, refocus and change the game plan going forward. We’ve been provided an opportunity to hit the reset button to make domestic tourism a sustainable engine.

From the travellers perspective; “you have stayed hidden for more than 6 months, yet you are willing to travel without a test and stay in a resort where the others are also not tested. Your negative test result ensures your safety and that of others as well. Don’t wait for someone to ask. Self-declare your test results. Show the locals and the guests you care. Carry your merit badge with honour as a responsible citizen. It’s all about protocols and being responsible without the requirement of government “Unlock 555th Memo!”

Let’s survive in the short term, to thrive as a community in the long term.

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