NTOs and hotels have to look at new ways to keep the source markets warm: Vasudha Sondhi

The Covid-19 pandemic will leave not only businesses but also economies gasping for funds, and therefore budgets for travel and destination marketing will be reviewed.

Vasudha Sondhi: “Anyone can open a shop – that is the challenge”

India Outbound gets insights from the head of Outbound Marketing, an organisation that manages portfolios of many leading international hotels. The trend shows that at any point of time, Indian outbound travellers pick value for money over almost anything.

Vasudha Sondhi: Putting sales back in business for her clients and promoting small immersive experiences

There are not many people who are gifted with the sense and clarity of thought of knowing the direction they want their career to take. The ones who are, go on to make a mark for themselves, not just becoming an iconic name but also a force to reckon with.

Sustaining the leadership role

Innovative and experienced entrepreneur. with over-the-top deliverance reputation, Vasudha Sondhi, Managing Director, Outbound Marketing & Connect Worldwide India, known for conceptualising and strategising shares more with TTJ.

DMA All India Women Entrepreneurs Award 2019 – 22nd February 2019

A vindication of the promoter’s vision and the hard work put in by the team to grow the business. Vasudha Sondhi – All India Women Entrepreneur’s Award 2019: a road map felicitating innovation and creation.

Persistence Personified – Vasudha Sondhi, MD – Outbound Marketing

Vasudha Sondhi faced many challenges during her journey but nothing could stop her from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Breaking barriers with courage – Vasudha Sondhi, MD – Outbound Marketing

Some women choose to follow men but there are some who choose to follow their dream and Vasudha Sondhi is amongst them who not only chose to chase her dream but also transformed it into a reality.

Women evolve as driving forces in the travel and tourism industry

Vasudha Sondhi, Managing Director, Outbound Marketing said, “The tourism sector being a service sector has many opportunities for women


Renowned Bollywood Actress Divya Dutta felicitated Entrepreneur Vasudha Sondhi for her contribution as a WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE – TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY

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