Immerse yourself in luxury and sophistication @ Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall Place, London

By Nidhi Viharin

London, my near future ‘go to’ destination! Although I have transited via London many times but haven’t got a chance to experience the destination! I am in the process of planning my future trip to London. When I heard about Corinthia hotel, I was thrilled because of its magnificence and sophistication!


Corinthia Hotel

London being famous for its cultural vibrancy and history, the trip becomes all the more successful of one stays at a hotel like Corinthia. This hotel was a former British Government building now offering grandeur, heritage with modern sophistication. The hotel has seven penthouses, two world class restaurants and not to forget the one and only ESPA Life at Corinthia Spa.


Corinthia hotel curates experiences as per the guests preferences.

Starting off with delicious English breakfast in The Northall restaurant till metropolis round and the time you are back you would get nothing but highest standards of premium luxury upon your return. before exploring this great metropolis.

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