Filmfare cover story – Sex, Lies and Married Man… Kangana Ranaut – Shot at Corinthia Hotel London

“Sex deserves all the hype it gets”

There’s a sea of vastness between her life and heart. The currents of this sea are charged by ambition, faith, envy, love, dedication, passion and of course, sex. But she swims through this gigantic space like an elegant blue whale. She swims alone. And you admire the magnanimity of her existence. Making no bones about the distance between her demanding work life and her bohemian existence in her personal space, the young and fiery Kangana Ranaut has now learnt to bridge the proverbial gap. The outspoken and independent actress has derived wisdom from her life’s experiences- both scathing and memorable. Her derive to better her creativity is her most attractive feature. Whether the trends of the film industry favour her or not, she continues to crave out her own niche. whether it’s the bloody gash over the bridge of her nose or the gory details of her tumultuous past, nothing can faze this young woman. Talking about face injuries, past relationships, writing her own films and even directing them, affairs with married men and the zest for sex, Kangana steam rolls through the conversation. It’s in her nature to succeed but it’s her decree to do it on her own terms. Excerpts from a freewheeling Chat…

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